Virtual Assisant

This title just doesn’t seem to cover it all, but it is a start.
There are many avenues that I want to explore as we are looking to be able to travel the county, but this time at a leisurely pace.
In order to accomplish this, I need to find something that I can do from home (so to speak) as on the road I have access to both the internet and a computer. With my previous experience of working while traveling. I know it can be done but this time I am hoping to see more as we can stop throughout the day while I work and Chris takes care of the setup and meals. šŸ™‚
I am currently taking a refresher course on photography as this will definitely be something that we both enjoy and there is a lot to show out there. I am also researching freelancing options.
I have my LinkedIn network as well as many other sites that I am working to expand my presence and to express not only my interests but also my expertise in many areas of transportation. I am particularly interested in Safety and Compliance as well as pursuing Custom Broker License.

What I have discovered is most applications require a website showing what you have accomplished in order to prove you are competent to complete the job you are applying for.
I may not have what most companies are looking for straight away but I only apply for positions or jobs that I am competent that I can not only complete but to do the very best of my ability as it all reflects back on me and a bad review will crush my goal.

As my blogging has slipped I am also going to focus back on it and to share our previous adventure as well as the things we do moving forward.

Stay tuned.